Official Coffee Sponsor

Is your coffee good enough to be the official Canadian AeroPress Championship Coffee?

The 2016 Canadian AeroPress Championships will be held in Calgary in May. Canada placed second at the World AeroPress Championship in 2015, so the spotlight is on us this year!

We now have the enviable task of selecting the 2016 official competition coffee from one of Canada's many, many world-class roasters. Every competitor will be using the same delicious coffee. And, rather than just pull a coffee out of the hat, we want a nationally agreed upon coffee that will taste awesome in an AeroPress, give the competitors something delicious to work with, and be something that truly represents what Canada is capable of. Phil & Sebastian roasted last year's competition coffee, so the bar has been set high!

That's where you come in.

This is your opportunity to show Canada, and the world, just how good your coffee is. We are now searching for a Canadian Coffee Roaster to take the honourable position of the Official Coffee Sponsor of the 2016 Canadian AeroPress Championship.

Here's how it works:

  • Once you have decided to participate, and your coffee has been received, it will be submitted to a panel of sixteen of some of the most elite coffee professionals in Canada, along with all the other entries, in plain, numbered bags.
  • Our tasting panel will blind cup the coffees and confirm their top three choices back to us. To be clear, they will not know who has roasted the coffee they are tasting, or even who the list of entries are from. It is completely anonymous at this stage.
  • Upon receiving the results from all of our judges, a winner will be determined and announced. We will reveal to our judges what the coffees they tasted were.
  • Other than the winner, we will not be revealing the results or the names of the roasters who have submitted coffee to anyone apart from the judges. Inevitably, someone has to come in last place, and we don't feel the need to make that public.
What do you need to do?

If you want to show Canada how incredible your coffee is, complete the form here. The deadline for application submissions is February 15th, 2016. You will be committing to provide a minimum of 2lbs/1kg of coffee for the judges, and have it to us by the end of February.

From there, you can sit back, and relax, until April when we announce the winner!

We Won! We Won!  But what now..?


The first thing to do is pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate how amazing your coffee is.

But with winning, comes responsibility...

You are now the Official Coffee Sponsor of the 2016 Canadian AeroPress Championship! And we need a few things from you:
  • 32 x 12oz bags of your winning coffee (from the same roast) for each competitor to practice within two weeks of the winner being informed (Mid April)
  • 36 x 12oz bags bags of your winning coffee (from the same roast) for the competition (Mid May)
  • $500 sponsorship to contribute to the competition and advertising costs
To have your coffee tasted amongst the best roasters in Canada is, alone, an amazing opportunity. Having some of the finest coffee professionals use, and talk about, your winning coffee, is priceless.

Are you in? Click here to fill out the (short) form so we know you're on board! We'll then confirm your submission and give you exact details of what to do next.

To confirm your participation, just click the link below. Any questions, just get in touch at