2016 Canadian AeroPress Championships Rules

Welcome to the 2016 Canadian AeroPress Competition!  This is the place to show us your skills under “pressure” and “grind” your way to the top!


  • The competition is a multiple round, elimination tournament.
  • Competitors have eight minutes to brew the best cup of AeroPress coffee they can.
  • In each round, competitors brew simultaneously and their drinks are presented in identical vessels to a panel of three judges.
  • The judges will blindly evaluate each coffee and make their own private assessment as to which is the best, definable as “the cup I would enjoy the most is”.
  • On the count of three, the judges point simultaneously to their preferred cup.
  • The winner progresses gloriously to the next round, the losers are eliminated


  • Competitors must be available in the designated 'pre-stage' area 15 minutes prior their heat.
  • Competitors are allowed to preheat their water in the ‘pre-stage’ area.
  • Competitors must present a minimum of 200ml of brewed coffee, in the vessel provided.
  • Ground coffee and water are the only ingredients allowed to be used.
  • The coffee must be served warm – no chilled or iced drinks are to be served.
  • While small tweaks and hacks are permitted, the brewer used must be a genuine Aerobie AeroPress.
  • All competitors will have eight minutes in which to prepare, brew and present their coffee.
  • The competitors for each round in the tournament will be chosen randomly, and announced by the organizers prior to the competition starting.
  • Beans are supplied by Transcend Coffee
  • Recipe card required day of competition and presented to judges (download sample templates or make your own)
  • Each competitor is required to clean their station at the end of their round.
  • Failure to meet any of the above requirements will result in disqualification.


  • While organizers will provide clean, fresh, spring water to compete with, competitors are free to bring their own water.
  • While organizers will provide everything necessary to compete with, competitors are permitted to bring their own kettle, scales, water, grinder and other equipment.
  • Any modifications to the AeroPress brewer will need to be authorized by the organizers before the competition.
    • Any filters (paper, metal, cloth) are allowed.


  • Each round is blindly evaluated by three judges, with the competitor’s name being marked on the underside of the vessel.
  • Judges will be looking for aroma, pleasant flavour, sweetness and balanced acidity, good body and pleasing aftertaste.
    • Judges will not discuss the cups presented before choosing the winner.
  • Having tasted the coffees presented, judges will count down and simultaneously point at the cup they deem to be the best, according to the edict “the cup I would most like to drink all of”.
  • After judging, the MC will lift the winning cup, revealing the name of the glorious round winner, simultaneously shaming the losers.
  • In the event of all three judges selecting different winners, the MC or a pre-determined fourth judge will decide the round.
Happy plunging! This is a light-hearted and fun event!